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Our Services

When it comes to landscape design there are many different options for homeowners. Choosing the right firm for your landscaping needs can seem like a difficult task but with our level of experience we can help turn your traditional landscaping experience into a true work of art. Call (863) 581-1348 today to schedule a free consultation.
Ashlee Environmental brings together the very best in Design, Irrigation, and management to seamlessly bring your vision to life. We will walk through your property to gain an understanding of the way in which you intend to use your outdoor areas. Our team will assemble a set of collaborated objectives on the style, function, and budget that best suits you.

Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenace

Whether you run a restaurant, school, or a rental property the appearance of your grounds are clear indicators of your value. Curb appeal in today's competitive market is important and provides a warm welcoming to your customers and convey's a prosperous and positive feeling. The more engaging and welcoming your landscaping looks, the more positive image you will create in the minds of your customers.
We Service: Apartments, HOA Residential Complexes, Industrial Centers, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes National Land Parks, Recreational Centers, Stores, Restaurants, Office Centers, Colleges, Universities/Schools, Medical Buildings, Hotels, and Municipalities.

Light up the night with our landscape lighting offerings.  Light up walking paths to landscape.  Make your home the envy of the neighborhood day and night!  contact us today for a personalized quote!

Ashlee Environmental is a professional Irrigation System Installation Company based in Central FL. We offer superior landscaping services, and top quality products for commercial & residential at an affordable investment, without sacrificing quality and design. A professionally installed sprinkler system will provide water for your lawn or plants on a schedule. Careful planning & strategy goes into every individual sprinkler head selection and installation. It guarantees the most comprehensive yard coverage possible, spraying water where you need it and with the proper amount. This minimizes water waste and concentrates moisture directly on all targeted plant life.

Drainage systems redirect extra water that can come from the environment or just from your home. Without these, your home would be greatly impacted by the excess water. A blocked storm drain could result in waterlogged soil, and this could cause the ground to shift and collapse. Dysfunctional roof drains could cause water to collect on the roof, causing extra weight. If the pressure of the water is too heavy, it could result in the roof caving in.

The lot should be graded so that water will run away from the commercial or residential buidling and toward the street. Setting the proper grade and drainage is vital to prevent water damage to your yard and home. Our grading equipment and laser technology help achieve the proper grade. Around a foundation, it can cause water to seep into the house. We can correct drainage on already established commercial & residential facilities, and new construction sites.

Your sod is freshly cut within 24 hours and delivered in its best condition right to your commercial site, golf course, athletic field, or Residential home. Ashlee Environmental is a top quality local sod farm provider, installer, and can even maintain your lawn after installation. Experience a full range of professional lawn and sod services at Ashlee Environmental. Take advantage of sod delivery directly to your door, with a friendly customer experience!

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